Report : Traffic light status report 20/06/2021 19:51:45
Section Name Number of items
Preferred Preferred  216
Second Line Second Line  116
Non Formulary Non Formulary  215
Green SA Green SA  183
Green SI Green SI  72
Amber SC Amber SC  65
Red SO Red SO  750
Black BL Black BL  207
Not Recommended Not Recommended  63
Discontinued Medicines Discontinued Medicines  11
Unknown Unknown  14
Coventry and Warwickshire Area Prescribing Committee

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Preferred Clinicians are free to prescribe these drugs. They are regarded as cost effective choices which have evidence to support their use.  
 Second Line These drugs should only be prescribed in the scenarios described in the formulary after preferred drug(s) have been ruled out.  
 Non Formulary Non-formulary choice - the vast majority of a patientís needs should be met by use of formulary preferred choices and second line options when appropriate. Therefore the Clinician should only use a non-formulary drug if this can be justified and it is recommended that all such instances are recorded in the patient record.  
 Green SA Specialist Advised Ė Specialists may simply advise a patientís GP to initiate these drugs themselves after they have made an initial assessment. Note: SA drugs can be initiated by the specialist according to patient need and also depending on local commissioning arrangements which may mandate, through the contract between provider and commissioner, that all SA drugs are treated as SI.  
 Green SI Specialist Initiation - These drugs must be initiated, i.e. the first dose prescribed, by the specialist and then may be continued when appropriate by the patientís GP following communication from the specialist.  
 Amber SC Shared Care - Responsibility for prescribing may be transferred from secondary to primary care with the agreement of an individual GP and when agreed shared care arrangements have been established. The specialist MUST stabilize the patient before asking for care to be transferred. Only specialists should initiate these drugs. Prescribing should be transferred to GPs according to an Shared Care Agreement [SCA]   
 Red SO Specialist Only - These drugs are deemed to be not appropriate for prescribing by GPs. Specialists should not ask GPs to prescribe these drugs.   
 Black BL Black Listed Medicines - These drugs are considered inappropriate for prescribing in Coventry & Warwickshire as they are either not cost-effective or of proven benefit or both.   
 Not Recommended Not Recommended - These are drugs that are not recommended for use.  
 Discontinued Medicines Discontinued medicines - These are drugs that are no longer available to prescribe